Learning from a pro

Yesterday, I joined NAIWE, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, directed by Janice Campbell, who’s clockencouraged me as a writer and speaker. Today I attended Meggin McIntosh’s teleseminar, I Just Want to be Whelmed. Tomorrow’s task is “to implement at least one idea” that I learned today.

What struck me most was how much time I spend on e-mail. So my plan is to use a timer to limit my time on e-mail:

-10 minutes each weekday morning, looking mainly to see if there are things that can’t wait.

-(maximum of ) 20 minutes after lunch for requests for speaking and consulting, and if time permits, writing ads for the homeschool group I help run, for the support group and book club I lead.

-20 minutes in the evening for anything left over.

We’ll see if I can do this!

My friend Tara told me today she unsubscribed from several newsletters she wasn’t keeping up with. I should do the same. But one thing at a time.